By-Pass Shower Enclosure

Consists of two frameless movable glass panels, a metal header at the top and a “L” angle track at the bottom and clear side jams. The glass is available in 1/4” or 3/8” thick tempered glass with machine polished edges. Hardware includes one towel bar and one pull knob.

Metal Work

Bypass enclosures with have a Head rail track at the top where the doors can roll on. Typical bypass enclosure setups have a head rail, 2 side jams and a bottom track with a guide.

Framed By-pass Enclosures

Framed sliders have the glass enclosed in a frame all the way around the glass. This allows a thinner glass to be used such as 3/16". This is cost effective and is applicable for certain situations where weight is a concern for the enclosure walls.

Semi-Frameless By-pass Enclosures

Semi-Frameless enclosures have metal work for the doors to slide back and forth. The door panels are frameless, there is just hardware on the top for rollers and hardware for towel bars. The glass edges are high polished and are exposed. This type of enclosure can use 1/4" or 3/8" thick glass.

Frameless Bypass Enclosure

A frameless bypass shower enclosure will have the glass panels frameless and consist of a head rail metal and a bottom track. No side jams are used