Custom Cut Mirror for Frames

Superior Glass & Mirror can fabricate mirror in house to fit your framed mirror needs. Framed Mirror can be either 1/8" , 3/16" or 1/4" thick. Most of the time framed mirror does not have edgework done to it, in some situations its polished or most commonly beveled. Bevel mirror can have a 1/2" bevel up to 1-1/2" bevel.

Custom Mirror Framing

Superior Glass & Mirror can supply quality mirror hardware for custom framed mirrors. Our metal frame we use is real metal and comes with different styles such as square, round nose and victorian. These metal frames come in all types of metal finishes to match your existing hardware.

Wood Framing

Stock lumber can be milled for custom frames. Stain and paint finishes are decided by the customer

Free Floating Mirror w/Frame

A Custom cut mirror can be installed on the wall with an L-Metal that holds the mirror on the wall and looks like its frameless and free floating. This allows the customer to later on add on a frame around the mirror on the wall.