Superior Glass & Mirror can install vanity mirrors into any commercial or residential bathroom. 

The reflective quality will not just serve as décor, but it will also bring light into the room, whether from natural sunlight or an electric light fixture. Bathrooms differ significantly in size and arrangement, as do vanity mirrors come in various shapes and depths. 

Vanity mirrors are typically located in a corner or against a less central wall, making it more difficult to find the perfect bathroom mirrors. Vanity bathroom mirrors are generally sold in limited sizes and very basic edging or glass style. Superior Glass & Mirror, however, can help you create a custom, unique, beautiful vanity mirror that will add beauty to your bathroom. 

Whether you chose to view your vanity mirror as art or purely functional we will create the perfect mirror to suit all of your needs. Superior Glass & Mirror understands that their clients put time and effort into designing their bathrooms and that they should not have to settle for something that is less than ideal. Located in Avon Lake, Ohio and serving the Cleveland Area.