Terms and Conditions

Customer Responsibilities

  • The customer is responsible for a 50% deposit with balance C.O.D.
  • The moving of any furniture or objects that may interfere with installation.
  • All glass and mirror products are custom made to order, by signing this contract the customer is obligated to fulfill their payment obligation. 
  • There are no refunds on your custom made order. 
  • The ownership of all materials is vested in the seller until full payment has been fulfilled. 
  • Any balance past due, over 30 days is subject to a 1.5% per month finance charge. 
  • If payment has to be collected through a suit or on demand, then the purchaser agrees to pay all attorney fees and collection fees.

Shower Doors

  • Superior Glass & Mirror strives to create and install your shower as tight as possible, however, due to circumstances beyond our control we cannot fabricate the glass to conform to bellies, bows, and uneven tile or poor workmanship performed by other contractors. 
  • We cannot be held responsible for any structural integrity of the wall or any other mounting surface, as well as any cracked surface material due to the removal and/or installation of the enclosure.
  • The installation process require hole drilling into tile, marble bases and sometimes tubs to properly secure your unit, Superior Glass & Mirror is not responsible for any damages to any surface or material during installation or removal of any application. 
  • A glass shower enclosure is not a water tight application. There are small gaps necessary in order for you shower to function. 
  • Superior Glass & Mirror is not responsible for any water/steam damage cause by leaks.
  • Each glass enclosure is custom made to fit the specifications of each opening. 
  • By signing the invoice, no other alterations can be made and the customer assumes 100% responsibility in full payment of the balance.

Glass Fabrication

  • Glass and Mirror have cut size tolerances of,  +/- 1/8"
  • Tempered Glass warpage may occur, which will remain within the acceptable with tempering association guidelines.
  • All defects such as scratches, chips, blotches, and etc. must be brought to superior glass and mirror's attention in writing directly to our office or through email within 24 hours of installation. 

Production Time

  • Production time is just an estimation.
  • Delays may occur and the fabrication process may take longer than expected.
  • The customer will be contacted to schedule installation as soon as the customer order is completed.