Frequently asked Questions

Why is glass green?

  • Clear plate glass is made with iron and is the cause for the green looking edge. 
  • Different lighting may cause different shades of green. 
  • There is a different types of glass such as Starphire glass that doesn't use iron and has a light blue tint.

Annealed or Tempered Safety?

  • Annealed glass is common and used in most applications. Annealed glass will break into large pieces. Annealed glass can be cut, edged, drilled, and polished. Annealed glass can be available in stock.
  • Tempered safety glass is used in applications where there is a building code or safety concern. Tempered glass will break into small pieces. Tempered glass cannot be cut, drilled or polished after it is tempered. Tempered glass is custom made and then put thru a furnace "tempering" the unit, this will add production time and cost.