Wall mirrors can add a great design element to any home or facility, and are especially useful for expanding narrow rooms, poorly lit hallways, and tight nooks. When placed correctly, wall mirrors can have the effect of lighting dark areas and opening small spaces. By placing a wall mirror at a right angle to your windows, you can create a maximized open feel. In addition, you can emphasize an object’s visual importance in your décor by carefully placing your wall mirror to reflect and repeat a specific accent color. Superior Glass & Mirror allows clients to become designers without having to do any of the work or having to return to school. Simply select a size, shape, edge finish, thickness, and mirror type. Home stores often sell a majority of framed mirrors because they are easy to pack and ship, but do not assume that is the best style for your wall. You can hang small frameless mirrors in a pattern to add light to a wall or room. Carefully aiming a frameless mirror toward a natural scene or element can add the appearance of comfort and soothing style. You can also create the effect of “knocking out” a wall and opening up space by placing frameless floor-to-ceiling mirrors across from a room opening.

Custom wall mirrors are a great way to open up a room and have it appear larger than it really is. Superior  Glass & Mirror provide free estimates either over the phone or someone can be set to give your a personal estimate for your mirrored walls. Large wall mirrors look nice in every space, whether you would like a full wall mirror in your dining room, or larger bedroom mirrors, Superior  Glass & Mirror can provide you with satisfaction guaranteed service.